About Us

Dynamic Defense Solutions is a veteran owned and operated company specializing in modern thermoplastic, firearms training/security consultation, and gear/equipment testing. Everything we carry on our webstore and in our physical store is tested and vetted by the DDS Team. This includes, firearms, apparel, gear, and equipment. Dynamic Defense Solutions is made up of a wide variety of personnel with varying backgrounds offering depth in our gear reviews, and recommendations. With our teams combined experience and knowledge Dynamic Defense Solutions offers unique perspective, ability, and gear when it comes to personal safety, protection, and readiness. We also offer training programs for private, government, corporate organizations, agency's, security, law enforcement, or civilians. Dynamic Defense Solutions is dedicate to education, training, and craftsmanship all at the highest standards.   


The DDS Team


Jacob Barlow

Title: CEO

Jacob is an owner and co-founder of Dynamic Defense Solutions. Jacob is responsible for business direction, industry relations, and marketing. Jacob additionally oversees DDS training programs and is the lead instructor. Jacob plays a major role in the design, and manufacturing of holsters and other gear made in house. Jacob also spear heads the product testing done by Dynamic Defense Solutions. Jacob spent several years in the US Army as an airborne infantryman, and gained combat experience in Afghanistan. After service in the military Jacob worked as a private security contractor and in other related positions in the private sector. Jacob holds firearm instructor certifications in all major disciplines.


Stephen Barlow

Title: COO

Stephen is an owner and co-founder of Dynamic Defense Solutions. Stephen is responsible for everyday operations at DDS and specifically oversees manufacturing and production. Stephen is the lead designer and manufacturer of in house products and directly supervises quality control. Stephen is also the secondary instructor and plays a vital role in DDS training programs. Stephen spent several years in the US Army as an airborne infantryman, and went through rigorous training rotations while on GRF (global response force). Stephen holds Firearm instructor certifications in select disciples.


Colton Vann

Title: Quality Control 

Colton is involved in design, quality control, and product testing. Colton is a lead test analyst and provides Dynamic Defense Solutions with valuable insight with our in house products as well as products that we offer from other manufactures. Colton is a civilian and offers refreshing unaltered opinions while participating in DDS testing programs. Colton is also a DDS instructor assistant and helps run the range during DDS Training programs as well as security consultation. 


Kaden Wernofsky

Title: Testing Analyst 

Kaden is heavily involved in product testing and consumer testing, this includes DDS in house products as well as products that we offer from other manufacturers. Kaden is also a DDS firing line coach that helps run the range during DDS Training programs and is an instructor/adviser for security consultation. Kaden spent several years in the USMC and worked with CH-53E airframes. Kaden gained deployment experience on the USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6). Kaden is currently assigned to the 210th rescue squadron in the US Air force as a special missions aviator.  


Andrew McLay

Title: Media Consultant  

Andrew is the owner of Vantage Point Media and is involved in media creation and videography for DDS. Andrew films special DDS projects, marketing videos, and educational materials. Andrew also helps with product testing, this includes DDS in house products as well as products that we offer from other manufacturers. Andrew is a civilian and offers unaltered opinions when testing. This is valuable to Dynamic Defense Solutions as it helps tailor our products to a wider variety of customers. Andrew is also an instructor assistant for firearms courses and helps with security consultation.  


Joshua Jewett 

Title: CERT Coordinator

Josh is responsible for coordinating and communicating with parties interested in our Church Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program. Josh has been working security within the church setting for years and has been instrumental within our CERT Program. Josh is a firing line coach for DDS firearms courses, and an instructor/adviser for security consultations. Josh is a civilian and brings a unique and focused perspective working security in places of worship.


 More About DDS



DDS Unscripted

Dynamic Defense Solutions has a podcast called "DDS Unscripted" featuring Jacob, Stephen, and Kaden. They discuss their opinions, experiences, and findings related to firearms, equipment, and gear. The DDS Team is dedicated to providing interesting and educational information pertaining to the modern firearms industry. This podcast is available on Itunes, Spotify, and Google Play. Click on the icon right of the Instagram icon to be directed to the podcast.


CERT Program

Our CERT (Church Emergency Response Team) Program is a specifically designed consultation for places of worship. In this multi-phase program we cover team structure, standard operating procedures, operating appropriately and within the law, medical response, emergency response, security concerns, use of force situations, and active shooter prevention/defense. Our team tailors the training to each church specifically as no place of worship is alike, and provides high quality training and consultation at very low costs. We are passionate about this program and believe that everyone should have the right to freely and safely worship without fear. If you are interested in finding out more about this program please contact us.