Customer Service


This is the DDS customer service page. Here you will find information on our products, warranty, returns, cancellations, etc. Please read through this information before placing an order. If you have any questions please contact the DDS Team.




- We back our products 100 percent. If you break, ruin, or damage your gear under regular and/or intended use we will replace or fix the products.

- Negligent and/or intentional damage will not be covered. 

- Our warranty is good for life and follows our products.

- Modifications, material removal, and heat adjustments will void the warranty. Contact the DDS Team if you're having issues with your DDS product.

- We only warranty DDS manufactured products. Other products we sell are serviced through that products manufacturer. Please contact the corresponding manufacturer for warranty service on non-DDS products.  



- Due to the custom and specific design of our gear we do not allow returns for holsters with exception to: standard color, right handed, Glock 17/19/21, Sig 320 variants, and 1911 full size. Any other holster cannot be returned because they are custom made.

- Eligible product returns must be made within 30 days of delivery.

- If you are having issues with your gear let us know. We will always service your DDS products with a fully backed warranty.


Order Changes:

- Changes can be made to your order as long as you have not received an update that your order has entered the production phase.

- Changes that increase the price will require sufficient payment for the order to be edited.

- Please contact the DDS Team to make any changes you may need.


Order Cancellations:

- Orders may only be canceled and refunded in full within the first 72 hours of placing the order.

- Orders that are canceled anytime after the 72 hour grace period are subject to a 30 percent restocking fee. The reason for this is because we have already purchased the materials and hardware to fulfill your order.

- Orders that have entered the production phase are ineligible for cancellation. If you have received an email updating you that your order is in production, cancellations will no longer be accepted.

- If there are extenuating circumstances that are causing you to cancel please contact the DDS Team and we will see what we can do.   



Q. What materials do you use?

A. Kydex and Holstex branded thermoplastics 


Q. What is IWB and OWB?

A. Inside the Waistband & Outside the Waistband 


Q. What do I do if my firearm isn't listed?

A. Contact the DDS Team and we will try to get a mold for it.


Q. Can I send my gun to you to have a holster made?

A. Yes, we have our FFL and can receive/ship guns. Contact the DDS Team.


Q. Do you make holsters for revolvers?

A. Yes, but we usually need the gun to do it.


Q. Will my light bearing holster work without the light mounted?

A. No, light bearing holsters need the light for retention.


Q. If I buy a light after purchasing a holster will it work in the holster?

A. No, we must know the specific light you plan to attach to your gun and make the holster for it. 


Q. Can the "Phantom" be worn outside the waistband?

A. No, the Phantom is an appendix carry IWB holster.


Q. Can I send you custom kydex to use?

A. No, we only use materials we purchase to better control quality. If you want something specific contact the DDS Team and we will see if we can get it for you. 


Q. Do you make knife sheaths?

A. Yes, if we're in the right mood. Contact the DDS Team to get a quote for your knife sheath!  


Q. Military/LEO discount?

A. Yes! Contact the DDS Team if you are active/former military, LEO, EMS/fire and we will give you our discount code.


Q. Do you offer unit level or department discounts?

A. Yes, contact the DDS Team and we will work with you on special pricing.  


Q. Do you make customer designed holsters or custom one-off creations?

A. Yes, but there is a $150 custom fee on top of labor and material costs which are quoted case by case. 


Q. How can I become a DDS product dealer?

A. Contact the DDS Team and we will send you the information about our dealer program.


Q. What is the "garment guard"?

A. The garment guard is the holster material between you and your gun. Its main purpose is to keep your garments/clothing from falling into the holster creating unsafe re-holstering conditions. It can also make the gun more comfortable to carry.


Q. Are your holsters adjustable?

A. Yes, look for the screw posts with rubber grommets. These can be tightened/loosened to adjust fitment.


Q. Are your products made in the USA?

A. Yes, we manufacture our products in Kenai, Alaska.


Q. Is carrying appendix IWB comfortable? 

A. We think so! But, it's an acquired taste. We usually tell people to carry consistently for two weeks to get a true feel for it.


Q. Can I trade in an old holster for a newer model?

A. Yes, contact the DDS Team to learn more about our trade in program. 


Q. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

A. Depends on the woodchuck.