Dynamic Defense Solutions offer a lifetime warranty on all products we manufacture. Our warranty covers our products for:

-Manufacturing defects
-Hardware damaged or broken during regular use
-Retention Adjustment
-Product failures during regular use


Our warranty does not cover:

-Damage to our products or hardware from improper use
-Damage to our products from abuse (ex:  running it over with a vehicle)



If you have a Warranty issue:

Contact the DDS Team. We will contact you and find out what we can do to fix the issue.



Product Returns:

If you wish to return a product the customer will be initially responsible for the shipping and will be refunded if it is found to be a Warranty issue. If a customer chooses to return the product for a refund for a non-warranty issue, the customer will be reimbursed the cost of their products, but not the shipping costs. Non-Warranty returns must be made within 90 days of product shipment to be entitled to a refund.



If you have questions about our warranty and return policy please contact the DDS Team via the “Contact Us” page or email us at dynamicdefensesolutionsak@gmail.com.