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The Pistol MULE (Magazine, Utility, Loadbearing, Equipment) is a low profile and modular carrier system that is designed to be tailored to the shooters preferred carry style. The MULE is compatible with a wide variety of mounting options and can be mounted strait or canted to better fit the shooters needs. This carrier features an adjustable retention, and is low profile enough to only take up to molle spaces making it one of the smallest pistol magazine carriers available.

DDS Team Notes:

The P/MULE is very robust and small. we wanted to build something that you could use in daily carry as well as mounted to a duty or combat styled belt. we have found that these carriers also work great in competitive shooting environments. overall this is the mag carrier that the DDS Team in its entirety uses, and it has become a favorite over the more traditional dual mag carriers.

NOTE: This carrier does not come with anything mounted. You must select mounting hardware from the drop down menu below otherwise you will receive a slick P/MULE.