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The Phantom is an inside the waistband appendix (12 o'clock) carry platform. The Phantom doubles as a holster for a firearm as well as a magazine carrier consolidating both making them readily available for the user. This holster is designed to be quick, comfortable, and very concealable. The Phantom features a belt claw as well as an integrated wedge. These features work in concert to leverage the platform into the body discouraging printing. This holster is also very comfortable and allows for fast and efficient deployment.

DDS Team Notes:

We wanted this holster to not only conceal, but aid the shooter by having the firearm in the optimal position as well as offer easy deployment. Many DDS Team members use this holster for their daily carry. We put a lot of thought and work into this design so it would also work well for full sized platforms with full sized lights. This is a great option for low-profile operations in addition to EDC. The Phantom is strictly an appendix carry platform, It cannot be used as an OWB holster mag carrier combo.

Firearm or Light not listed?:
Contact the DDS Team! We may be able to order it.

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    Comfort Is King

    Posted by Scott on Oct 6th 2019

    Wore my holster all of this week into the weekend and the difference between this holster and my previous is night and day . When it comes to concealed carry in the southeast, comfort and concealability is key. This holster couldn’t be a better match for both. 10 outta 10!