This is the DDS Support page. Below you will find help for navigating our website and building your order. If you don't find the answer you are looking for below, please contact the DDS Team via the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the site.


Building a Holster

We at Dynamic Defense Solutions have tried our best to optimize our website to allow you to build the holster you want as easily and efficiently as possible. Below we will go over the various options on our holster pages and provide brief definitions to help you in your holster building process.


1. Firearm

This selection is where you will select which firearm the holster is for. Be sure to look over all the options to make sure you select the correct option. Many manufacturers use similar model names for their various firearms models. If you have a specific model that isn't listed, please contact the DDS Team. We may not currently have a mold for your firearm, but we may be able to get one.

2. Color

 This selection is where you select the color of your holster or gear. Some of our products have a single color option, while some products, such as our front load, have options for "Front Color" and "Back Color". The difference has to do with models that utilize a "Pancake" style build, incorporating two separate pieces of kydex into the holster


3. Rivet Color

This selection is the color of the rivets use on the holster. Rivet color is only available on “Pancake” style holster and carrier models.


4. Mounting Option

This selection is for how the holster or carrier will be mounted. These options have varying prices. If you are purchasing a holster compatible with a Quick Detach system such as G-Code or Safariland, be sure to select the same option on the DMS, if you are ordering one.


5. Sweatguard Length

This selection is for the length piece of kydex running up the backside of the holster, made to keep clothing from getting caught in the holster when holstering the firearm as well as separating the firearm from the body. We recommend a full sweatguard length.


6. Light Bearing

This selection is for if you have a weapon mounted light attached to your firearm. Be sure to verify you have selected the correct light. Light bearing holsters add an additional $10 to the price of the holster. If your light isn't listed in our options, please contact the DDS Team and we may be able to order it.


7. Slide Mounted Optic

This selection is for if you have a slide mounted optic, such as a trijicon RMR, mounted to your firearm. If you plan to add an optic to your firearm at some point, we suggest selecting yes on this option.


8. Compensator

This selection is for if you have a barrel mounted compensator on your firearm. Be sure to select yes if you do, or your firearm may not fit your holster.




If you have any further questions about building a holster, or have a light or firearm not listed on our website, please contact the DDS team using the “Contact Us” page or by emailing us at