TQC (Tourniquet Carrier)

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The TQC (Tourniquet Carrier) is a simple platform for carrying tourniquets. This platform was specifically made for the North American Rescue C-A-T, but will also carry a SOF-T as well as a rolled up RATS. The TQC uses hook and loop to be widely adaptable to virtually any modern gear/equipment and can also be looped onto standard belts for daily carry. The TQC features a utility loop on the bottom side for a marker/pen. This loop can also be used for a decompression needle, trauma shears, or whatever the user prefers as long as it fits. The TQC  is a nylon constructed platform reinforced with an integral kydex shank, and an elastic band. the TQC is double sewn and utilizes heavy duty materials for durability. 

DDS Team Notes:

The TQC was designed to carry a tourniquet positioned in a easily accessed location. This enables the user to quickly deploy a tourniquet when every second matters. The TQC was specifically designed to support the NAR Combat Application Tourniquet, but will work with other tourniquets.